Wolf’s Soul

Wolf’s Soul Lives!

Wolf’s Soul, the eighth book in the Firekeeper Saga, is now available from the following on-line booksellers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, i-Tunes, and Kobo.  For those of you who prefer physical books, Wolf’s Soul is available as a trade paperback from Amazon.  The cover art is based on Julie Bell’s wonderful piece, “Three Hungry Wolves,” which you can acquire as a print from her website.

Wolf’s Soul  is a close-upon-the-heels sequel to Wolf’s Search and, as such, requires familiarity with the events in Wolf’s Search to be best enjoyed.

That said, Wolf’s Search can be delved into without a review of—or even great familiarity with—the previous six books in the Firekeeper Saga.  If you haven’t yet read Wolf’s Search, you can learn a little about it here.

If you don’t want spoilers for Wolf’s Search, skip the italicized portion.   Otherwise, read on for the cover blurb to Wolf’s Soul:

Firekeeper has always believed that her heart is a wolf’s heart.

Now the time has come for her to prove it.

Blind Seer’s search for a teacher of the magical arts brought him and Firekeeper to Rhinadei, a land rich in magical lore, but intolerant of those who would rebel against its core precepts.  Now, eager to aid Wythcombe, his new teacher, Blind Seer agrees to lend his keen senses to the hunt for Kabot—Wythcombe’s childhood rival and leader of a band of fanatical blood mages.

In this hunt, Firekeeper runs as ever at Blind Seer’s side.  Rounding out their pack are Laria and Ranz, two young humans with potent magical gifts of their own; Farborn, a yarimaimalom falcon; Wythcombe himself, and the ever enigmatic Meddler.

Yet, despite the versatility of this pack, Kabot’s blood mages miraculously elude them, leaving behind the tantalizing scent of more power than they should possess.  Suspicion builds that Kabot has acquired a new ally: an ally who may be one of their own pack turned traitor.

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Wolf’s Search and Wolf’s Soul will be the final Firekeeper Saga books for some time to come, so there’s no reason to wait.  Join Firekeeper and Blind Seer, as they encounter lands familiar and unfamiliar, hot on the trail of that which may make their oldest dream come true.