About Changer

A Novel of the Athanor


Obsidian Tiger, December 2011


Avon Eos, December 1998

(won the 2000 Zia Award from the New Mexico Press Women)

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Read “Some thoughts on the biology of the Athanor,” article by Kathleen L. Curran

I’ve been a mythology buff since I was young, so the recurring SF/Fantasy theme of “immortals among us” is one I knew I’d want to try someday. I like to think that with my athanor I introduce some new twists. For one thing, I’ve tried to keep in mind that all immortals might not be human-shaped — or even human. For another, I had fun investigating cross-cultural influences. Here’s where you can learn the true history of King Arthur — and how he handles a round-table that includes, among other people, Enkidu the Wildman, Achene, and Anansi the Spider.

Changer is far more than an intellectual exercise, however. It’s a story of revenge, of political intrigue, and of adventure. One of the primary settings is New Mexico, but the tale also ventures into the Amazon jungle, the frozen wastes of Finland, and the depths of ocean.

Interestingly, one of the most popular characters in the series — judging from reader response — says hardly a word. She’s a coyote pup named Shahrazad, and daughter of the Changer. The murder of her family sends the Changer prowling into the human world, and those he touches will never be the same.