Otis and Jane at Coronado Monument photo copyright 1998 Barbara Lindskold (all rights reserved)

Otis and Jane at Coronado Monument
photo copyright 1998 Barbara Lindskold
(all rights reserved)


House of Rough Diamonds the third novel in the Over Where novel, following Library of the Sapphire Wind and Aurora Borealis Bridge is now available at all major booksellers and directly from Baen Books!

Here’s an interview with Paul Semel talking about the book, the series, and my cats!  And here’s one with Baen Free Radio’s podcast.


Jane Lindskold and Charles E. Gannon will be the Guests of Honor at the new P-Con, September 15-17, 2023!

September will also see the release of House of Rough Diamonds, the new Over Where novel.


There will be a third Over Where novel, a stand alone sequel to Library of the Sapphire Wind and Aurora Borealis Bridge!

Also, fans of A New Clan (or my works in general, which often celebrate the other) might enjoy this piece I did about the best books with Non-Humanoid Aliens.


A New Clan, the fourth Star Kingdom novel, written in collaboration with David Weber is now out.  See the Interviews list for more recent chats about this and my other two new releases: Library of the Sapphire Wind and Aurora Borealis Bridge.


Aurora Borealis Bridge, the sequel to February’s release, Library of the Sapphire Wind, is now out!

Also, a new e-book edition of my novel Child of a Rainless Year, including extra content about how I came to write the novel, is now available!


2022 will see three new books from me.  The first, Library of the Sapphire Wind will be available February 1!  Its sequel, Aurora Borealis Bridge, comes out in April!


A new interview is available with me on the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast.  You can check in out here!  The focus is the behind the scenes life of a writer…


I have two new books coming out Spring of 2021 from Baen Books.  You can read more about the Over Where duology, Library of the Sapphire Wind and Aurora Borealis Bridge here.

Previous Announcements


No, you aren’t seeing double! Wolf’s Soul, Book Eight in the Firekeeper Saga, is now available for purchase at all major on-line retail sites.  Want to know more?  Here’s a piece I wrote about these new additions to my most popular series.


Wolf’s Search, Book Seven, in the Firekeeper Sagais now available for purchase at all major on-line retail sites.  For more information, check out my Wednesday Wandering blog.


I’m currently writing what will be new Firekeeper novels.  Details are available here.

“A Familiar’s Predicament” appeared in Sword and Sorceress 33.


Lots going on here!

“A Green Moon Problem” is in Lightspeed magazine.

The Firekeeper Saga is now available as new e-books!

Asphodel garnered a great review from Publisher’s Weekly!


“Unexpected Flowers” is available in the May/June 2018 edition of Asimov’s Science Fiction magazine.  There’s also an associated interview on their website.


My new novel Asphodel is now available.  Want to learn more about it?  See the cover?  It’s all here!


My new novel Asphodel is now available.  Want to learn more about it?  See the cover?  It’s all here!


“Unexpected Flowers” has been accepted for publication by Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.  Issue TBA.


When the Gods Are Silent, Jane Lindskold’s 1997 sword and sorcery novel is now available as an e-book.  Go here to learn more.


Smoke and Mirrors, the 1996 novel of alien invasion and outer space intrigue is now available as an e-book.  Go here to learn more!


Jane’s reading a new short story on 2-10-17 at the meeting of the Albuquerque Science Fiction Association.  Time: 7:30 pm (doors open 7:15 pm).  $1.00 donation requested of non-members.

Meeting Location: ACTIVITY ROOM, west end of building – please enter through North Door (backside of building)
5301 Ponderosa Ave NE (between San Mateo & San Pedro, south of Montgomery – near Erna Ferguson Library)
Club Contacts: Jessica C./Craig C. at 266-8905  or


Prudence Bledsloe rides again!  Prudence, who first appeared in my short story “The Drifter” (available in my short story collection Curiosities), is the main character of “A Choice of Weapons” in the newly released anthology Guns, edited by Gerald Hausman.


Reminder!  The Albuquerque Museum is hosting an Author Festival on October 1.  I’ll be there along with an assortment of New Mexico authors representing a wide variety of genres.  Part of the proceeds benefit the museum.  Come and get a jump on your Christmas shopping!

Want to read about it?


Here’s some breaking news. On Wednesday, August 24, at 8:00 a.m., Jane Lindskold and Jessica Coyle will be appearing on KRQE This Morning on KASA-2.  We’ll be talking up Bubonicon, New Mexico’s absolutely wonderful Science Fiction convention.  No idea exactly when we’ll go on (we’re not the entire show), but it should be fun!


Prudence Bledsloe rides again!  Prudence, who first appeared in my short story “The Drifter” (available in my short story collection Curiosities), is the main character of “A Choice of Weapons” in an anthology edited by Gerald Hausman forthcoming this Fall.


David Weber is taking the short story, “Brother Against Brother,” for a forthcoming “Safehold” anthology from Tor.

He’s also taking “Deception on Gryphon,” a Stephanie Harrington story, for a forthcoming “Honorverse” collection.


Back in September, I spoke at the National Book Festival in Washington, D.C.  They filmed my talk.  Here’s a link for those of you who couldn’t be there.


Dave Gross interviews me about writing, gaming, and wolves.


Curiosities, my new short story collection, is now available both as e-books and in trade paperback.  Want more details and easy links? Check out my blog.


Artemis Invaded is officially released!

To celebrate, we’re doing our biggest contest ever.  Full details here.  Remember to check the Appearances page for this summer’s run of book events.


Missed the Twitter giveaway?  This time we’re doing a giveaway via Goodreads for ARCs of Artemis Invaded.  Get the details here!  Want to know more about the Artemis Awakening series?


To celebrate that Artemis Invaded is now available for preorder both in hard cover and audio, we’re doing a contest on Twitter to win a signed ARC.  Just retweet the announcement from @ JaneLindskold.  Contest ends 4/26/15.  Open only to U.S. residents.  Want to know more about the Artemis Awakening series?

“The Headless Flute Player” has sold to the anthology Shadows and Reflections, stories in honor of Roger Zelazny, edited by Warren LaPine and Trent Zelazny.

Artemis Awakening is on the Locus recommended reading list for 2014!

Want to be among the first to hear about new publications and contests?  Sign up for my new mailing list using he form on this website.  Don’t worry! Your information will not be shared.


Fantasy for Good features my short story “Knight’s Errand,” which was inspired by the anthology’s gorgeous cover art. All proceeds from the anthology go to support the Colon Cancer Alliance.

Wanderings on Writing my non-fiction book about, well, writing, is now available both as an e-book and as a trade paperback. It’s expanded from the last four years of Wednesday Wanderings columns and features original cover art by Tori Hansen.

My story “Born from Memory” is now available as a free download.  I hope you’ll enjoy!

Now that Artemis Awakening has been out for a couple months, try this quiz to learn what Profession you might have followed if you’d been born on Artemis.  It’s really lots of fun


Artemis Awakening is officially released!
Learn more about the journey here.


For April, Tor Books is offering the e-book of Through Wolf’s Eyes for only $2.99. This special edition contains a teaser for my forthcoming novel, Artemis Awakening. Check out the following links:

Through Wolf’s Eyes at Amazon

Through Wolf’s Eyes at B&N


The Thursday Tangents, which I write with my friend Alan Robson, has been nominated for New Zealand’s 2014 Sir Julius Vogel Awards in Best Fan Writing Category. Needless to say, we’re both very excited.


I recently did a long video interview with Josh Gentry of Snack Reads. We cover a lot more than my two stories that Snack Reads has published. (You can find both “Hamlet Revisited” and “Servant of Death” at Hope you’ll take time to tune in…


“Why Fantasy Literature Matters in the Modern World.” (Title may change.) New Mexico Fantasy Writer’s Series. Talk followed by Q&A: Thurs., Nov. 21, at 7:00 pm in the UNM Honors Center. (On the ground floor of the Student Health Center, which is directly east of the Student Union and north of Johnson Gym and northeast of Popejoy Hall). Open to the public.

“Servant of Death,” a short story written in collaboration with Fred Saberhagen, is now available as a reprint from, the same people who recently published my short story “Hamlet Revisited.”

Want to hear more about how the story came to be? See my Wednesday Wandering for 10-23-13.

Artemis Awakening moves one step closer to publication (release date is May 2014) with the unveiling of the cover art. Want to know more about how this cover came to be? Check out the Wednesday Wandering for October 2, 2013.

Oh! And Treecat Wars, my second Honorverse collaboration with David Weber, is now officially released! Starting October 11th, you can hear me and Weber discuss how we worked together and our goals for the stories at

I have a new story published. It’s called “Hamlet Revisited” and you can order a copy directly from the publisher for only 99 cents! Go to

Interested in knowing more about how this story came to be? Check out my Wednesday Wandering for 8/28/13.

I’ve been invited to join authors Shea Berkley and Darynda Jones at Alamosa Books here in Albuquerque on June 13th for a book event. The focus will be on YA (in my case, Fire Season and the forthcoming Treecat Wars) but I expect the discussion will be general and lively.

My forthcoming novel from Tor, Artemis Awakening, is now scheduled for release in May of 2014. Don’t know about this project? Check out my Wednesday Wandering for 8-22-12.

Black Gate magazine has just posted a podcast of an interview I did with Emily Mah this past July. We talk about past events, present projects, and a bunch of other things. You can access the interview at Black Gate. If you’re interested in some of the background for the interview, you might also enjoy checking out my Wednesday Wandering for 9-19-2012.

It’s official! I’ve sold a new series to Tor Books. The series is called “Artemis Awakened” and the first book is tentatively titled, Huntress. You can find more details on my Wednesday Wandering blog.

“Two Types of Teeth,” a novella set Larry Niven’s Known Space, is out! You can find it in the anthology Man-Kzin Wars XIII. If you’d like to know more about what attracted me to this project, check out my Wednesday Wandering for 10-26-11.

For about six months or so, New Zealand SF/F reviewer and fan has been kind enough to collaborate with me on our Thursday Tangents column. Now Alan has put it into a free e-book that you can download from Join us for our weekly column and don’t forget to join me for my Wednesday Wandering blog.

Changer’s Daughter is now available. This volume contains not only the full text of the novel Legends Walking, but an all new introduction by Jane Lindskold and the full text of the athanor short story “Witches’-broom, Apple Soon.” To learn more see the Wednesday Wandering for 3-14-12.

Wolf Fest 2012 is being held at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque on March 23, 2012. This is an all-day event to promote awareness of the plight of the Mexican Gray Wolf. There will be tons of booths and information, a chance to sign petitions and learn about wolves from a wide variety of sources. I’ll be there from 10:00 to 2:00 pm to sign books and talk about wolves and writing to anyone who drops by. It’s likely I’ll be located in the Dominguez Court near Zimmerman Library along with my friends from Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. However, this may change depending on weather, so check location at the Fest.

Changer is once again available! Available as both a print-on-demand “real” book, or as an ebook for the Kindle or the Nook. If you’re interested in hearing a little more about Changer’s history, take a look at my Wednesday Wandering for 12-14-11.

“Hunting the Unicorn” in the anthology Courts of the Fey is now out. If you’re curious about the genesis of this story, check out my Wednesday Wanderings “Breaking Off, Coming Back” (2-16-11).

My novella “Two Types of Teeth” has just been accepted by Larry Niven for his Man/Kzin Wars anthology series. Take a look at my Wednesday Wanderings blog for 10-26-11 for more details.

New! Ebooks! Check out the adventures of Captain “Allie” Ah-Lee in the new ebookshop!

You can now use PayPal to purchase books in the bookshop! Ebooks are coming soon…


Five Odd Honors is a May release in paperback. If you’re interested in reading some thoughts on the transformation of a book from hard cover to mass market, check out my Wednesday Wandering for May 4, 2011.

I’ve been immersed in working on the first novel in the new collaboration with David Weber. If you’re interested in further details, take a look at my Wednesday Wandering blog for 3/16/11.

My short story “Hunting the Unicorn” just sold to Russell Davis for his anthology Courts of the Fey. If you’re interested in knowing more, I talk a little about how this story came to be written in my Wednesday Wandering for February 16th.

My novella “Like the Rain” is now out in the collection Golden Reflections,edited by Joan Spicci Saberhagen and Robert E. Vardeman. This story is an expansion of the idea Fred presented in his novel Mask of the Sun—one of my favorites of his books. The project has a fascinating evolution—too long to go into here, but perfect for a Wednesday Wandering blog. Check it out on January 12th.

NEWS: A project that has been in germination since late January of 2010 is now official. I’ll be collaborating with David Weber on at least two novels. For more, go to my Wednesday Wandering blog for November 10, 2010. More details will be forthcoming.

Here’s a recent interview I did for Professor Crazy. Most focuses on the new “Breaking the Wall” series, but there are also tidbits about wolves and about the two novels I completed for Roger Zelazny.

My short story “The Writing on the Washroom Wall” is now out in the anthology More Stories from the Twilight Zone, edited by Carol Serling. It features Marj, a college psych professor who starts seeing messages written in purple ink in the oddest places. At first, she thinks it’s some student prank or bit of viral marketing, but before long she realizes the messages are meant for her alone…

“I’ve done a new blog for the Page 69 test, this time for Five Odd Honors. It was rather fun… The Page 69 Test: Five Odd Honors

An interview I gave to ConNotations back in March is now up.

A sample from Five Odd Honors is now available on the Novels page.

Five Odd Honors will be officially released on May 11th. It’s already gotten some strong reviews from Publisher’s Weekly and Library Journal. I’m not into spoilers, but I will note that this novel is somewhat darker than the previous two in the series and, yes, you finally get a glimpse of the Lands Born From Smoke and Sacrifice.

I was invited to write a little about how I approach characters by the hosts of Mayhem and Magic. My piece is called “Victims and Villains.”

Here’s the cover art for Five Odd Honors. The book comes out in May but is now available for preorder.

Take a look at the Appearances page. I’m going to be travelling a bit this Spring to celebrate the release of Five Odd Honors, the third book in the “Breaking the Wall” series. If we can’t meet in person, my new blog, Wednesday Wanderings, might provide an interesting bridge.”

“Like the Rain,” an alternate history story set within the Pueblo Revolt of 1680, has been sold to Joan Saberhagen and Robert Vardeman for an anthology of stories inspired by Fred Saberhagen’s novel Mask of the Sun. The anthology’s working title is Golden Reflections, to be published by Baen Books.

Starting on January 20th, I’ll be making weekly posts to my new blog, Wednesday Wanderings. Come by and see what I’m thinking about.

“The Writing on the Washroom Wall” has been sold to Carol Serling for an anthology of all-new Twilight Zone fiction. The story deals with a woman who starts seeing purple graffitti everywhere she goes and quickly realizes that it’s meant for her.

The Bookshop has some new offers, just in time for holiday shopping. Remember, signed books make unique gifts!

Thirteen Orphans is on the Locus softcover list, at #8. That’s the October 2009 issue, July 2009 reporting period. I’m excited! 9/1/09
Here’s a link to a recent radio interview. It’s short but very spirited.

Here’s another interview, this one more focused on writing.

Here’s an interview dealing with a central aspect of my life I don’t talk about much: my long-time addiction to role playing games.

A new short story, “The Drifter,” has just been accepted for the Girls Guide to Guns and Monsters.

The official publication date for Nine Gates is August 18, 2009.

A sample chapter from Nine Gates is now available.

Tor has donated an ARC of my new book Nine Gates for auction at (Wis)Con Or Bust: Fans of Color Assistance Project. The book itself won’t be out until August!

Official release date is out for Nine Gates: August 2009. Thirteen Orphans will be released in paperback a month earlier, so those of you who covet hard covers should make sure to get them soon.

An interview with some odd twists is up at SleepCompass.

Also, a few kind folks have let me know there is now a Jane Lindskold Fan Club on Facebook. It’s not official, and I don’t “ghost” there, but I think that’s all for the good. You can enjoy discussing works past, present, and future with like-minded readers, without feeling as if someone is looking over your shoulder.

Work responsibilities mean I’m posting less often to, but I’m still providing new material, mostly about the ins and outs, and ups and downs of writing.

Recently, I took part in the Page 69 Test. See The Page 69 Test: Thirteen Orphans for more.

I’ve also continued writing short pieces for At this writing, they’ve posted sixteen or seventeen articles. The topics range from mah jong, to how I write, to my reactions to various book covers. I’ve also written on the role of magic in Fantasy Fiction and on YA fiction. The format is “blog,” so you can respond right there.

Thirteen Orphans is officially released! I’ve seen copies in various local bookstores. A few international readers have let me know that their copies have been shipped. I’ll admit it. I’m excited.

For the next few weeks, on and off, I’ll be posting a blog on My subjects will be—at least at the start—some of the very cool background material that went into my forthcoming novel Thirteen Orphans. I hope you’ll check it out. The first three installments are:

– “Mystery. Money. Money. Mystery.
– “Why Thirteen Orphans?
– “System = Unmagical?

There’s a giveaway of Thirteen Orphans going on from now until November 11th on Fantasy Book Critic. Take a look!

We have an official release date. November 11th, 2008 will see Thirteen Orphans hit the stores. Nine Gates is tentatively scheduled for an August 2009 release. See my Appearances page for new events extending into 2009!

At long last, all of you who are curious about Thirteen Orphans can take a peek. A sample is now available for your reading pleasure.

Check out the Appearances page for information on where I’ll be this summer and autumn. Please keep checking, because with the release of Thirteen Orphans this November, there will certainly be other events. One of them might bring me into your area!

Take at look at the Bookshop page. There are two new entries: the increasingly rare hardcover of Child of a Rainless Year, and the hard cover edition of the fifth Firekeeper novel, Wolf Hunting. You may also find other books available at lower prices than you expect. Signing is provided at no additional charge. Remember! Signed books make great, unique gifts!

At last I can share this with you all. I’ve had the art for a few weeks now, and am really excited about the cover for Thirteen Orphans, the first book in my new “Breaking the Wall” series, available November 2008.

Nine Gates is written and into production at Tor Books. Thirteen Orphans is definitely set for a November 2008 release. I’ve seen an early draft of the cover art, and so far it’s wonderful. I’ll have a copy posted as soon as I get the “all clear”!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the continuation of the Wolf Series. Yes. Wolf’s Blood is the final book in the series — at least for now, maybe, forever.

Why? Because I love that world and those people, and I don’t want them to ever become stale or flat — something that I fear happens to a series when it goes on for too long. I’m not saying “never,” but right now I’m working on a new project, the “Breaking the Wall” series. The first book, Thirteen Orphans, will be out in November of 2008.

Also, I accidentally deleted some fan mail when dealing with an overload of spam. My deepest apologies if you are one of those to whom I fail to give a personal reply. I hope I’ve answered your question here, and that you feel free to write me again.

Thirteen Orphans, the first book in my new “Breaking the Wall” series, is now officiallly scheduled for release on November 2008. Keep checking for sample chapters, cover art, and other information.

Wolf’s Blood has just been released (January 2008) in paperback!

Child of a Rainless Year was chosen as a finalist in the “Other Novel” catagory of the 2007 New Mexico Book Awards.

Marvel Comics and D.B.Pro have severed their agreement, leaving the Firekeeper graphic novel project somewhere in limbo. At this point, Marvel is still expressing strong interest, but for now it’s wait and see.

Also, my long-time editor, Teresa Nielsen Hayden is no longer full-time at Tor Books, and so is no longer my editor. My new editor is Melissa Singer, head of Tor Forge. She’ll be the guiding hand at the helm of my new “Breaking the Wall” series. Cover art is in progress, and looks very cool. (See FAQ if you want to know more).

A new short story titled “Unlimited” has just sold to John Helfers and Martin H. Greenberg for their anthology Future Americas. It involves a complicated mixture of genetic engineering, social engineering, and saber toothed tigers…

Wolf’s Blood is out! Also, 13 Orphans, the first in the new “Breaking the Wall” series is written and in on my editor’s desk. I’m currently working on the second book in the series: 9 Gates. And it looks as if I’ll be more intimately involved in the new Firekeeper graphic novels project from D.B. Pro and Marvel Comics. The contracts aren’t signed, but I may be coming on-board as the scripter.

Interested in sampling the latest Firekeeper novel, Wolf’s Blood? Chapter Two — not One — is available on the NOVELS page. Why did I pick Chapter Two? Well, part of Chapter One is already available as a teaser at the back of the mass market edition of Wolf Hunting. I figured the more the merrier!

Wolf Hunting is now available in mass market paperback edition! It looks good, and includes a few pages from Firekeeper’s final adventure: Wolf’s Blood.

Jane Lindskold has been invited to be Toastmaster for Bubonicon 39, August 24-26th 2007.

Jane Lindskold will be the featured guest on Sci/Fi Fantasy New Mexico on local cable television Channel 27, October 19. The show begins at 8:00 p.m. She’ll be talking about forthcoming projects. Take the opportunity to call in with your questions!

Jane Lindskold and Fred Saberhagen will be signing together 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 pm on October 21 at the new Hastings store, 12501 Candelaria in Albuquerque (at the intersection of Candelaria and Tramway). Telephone 505-332-8855 for details or directions. Come and join us for conversation and snacks!

A recent visit to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary produced the new front page photo. More about that visit on the Wolf Bits page.

I’m happy and excited to announce the official re-release of Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls is out as an August 2006 release in Tor’s “Orb” line. The dragon in the cover art is the “real” Betwixt and Between, who is even now sitting up on my desk. Don’t miss the back of the book cover. It’s really great. I’d love to have artist Patrick Arrasmith’s wolf head on a tee shirt!

I am pleased and proud to report that my most recent sale is a short story written in collaboration with Science Fiction great Fred Saberhagen. The story is titled “Servant of Death,” and is set in Saberhagen’s “Berserker” universe sometime after the events chronicled in Saberhagen’s novel Berserker Man. The story will appear in the anthology Man VS. Machine edited by John Helfers and Martin H. Greenberg.

Wolf’s Blood (Wolf Series 6) is completed and sitting on my editor’s desk. Look for a release in March of 2007. Wolf Hunting (Wolf Series 5) should be hitting the shelves any time now. See “Appearances” for various signings and author events around the country.

“The Travails of Princess Stephen,” a short story, has just sold to Jean Rabe for her anthology, Pandora’s Box.

I will be a guest February 23rd between 9:00-10:00 pm on Sci-Fi/ Fantasy New Mexico, a call-in program on Local Cable Channel 27, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The number for calls is 505-346-1633. I’d love to hear from any and all of you!

A sample chapter of Wolf Hunting is now up on the website.

Folks have been asking what I’ll be doing after I finish Wolf’s Blood (also known as Firekeeper 6). It’s now official! Tor has bought three books in a new series. The series title is “Breaking the Wall.” The first book will probably be titled Thirteen Orphans, and will come out sometime in late 2007 or early 2008. I’m not quite ready to talk about details, but those of you who have enjoyed those stories with strong animal elements and the use of myth and legend will not be disappointed.

The Wolf Series is going to transform into graphic novel form courtesy of the Dabel Brothers of DB Pro ( Details of artist and script are not yet settled, but it’s definite that the first three Firekeeper novels (Through Wolf’s Eyes, Wolf’s Head, Wolf’s Heart, and The Dragon of Despair) are going to be adapted to graphic novel format. As more details are settled, they’ll be posted here.

It’s official! Wolf Hunting has been selected as a SciFi Essential Book. This is a new program between Tor and the Sci Fi channel. No, it doesn’t mean they’re going to make a movie of the book, just that more people will have a chance to learn about Firekeeper and her world. I think that’s really fantastic!

Release date for Tor’s new edition of Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls is set for August 2006.


Release date for Wolf Hunting is set for March 2006.


Wolf Captured has been selected by VOYA (Voices of Youth Advocates magazine) as one of the best books of 2004.

The Buried Pyramid is a finalist for The Romantic Times Book Club Magazine’s Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Fantasy.


Cover art for Child of a Rainless Year is now on the Novels page, along with a sample chapter. Get a look at May’s new release!


Jane Lindskold has just sold two new short stories. “Menu for Life… And Death” will appear in Slipstreams, edited by John Helfers. “Fever Waking” will appear in Children of Magic, edited by Kerrie Hughes. It’s set in the same universe as the Firekeeper novels, and provides some insight into a character who will appear in Wolf Hunting. Speaking of Wolf Hunting, the manuscript should be on the editor’s desk at Tor. Release date will be posted here as soon as it’s settled.


A sample chapter of Child of a Rainless Year is now up on the website.


It’s official! Brother to Dragons, Companion to Owls, Lindskold’s first novel, will be reprinted by Tor. Release date is still unknown. Also included in the same deal was a new Firekeeper novel, working title Wolf’s Blood. This will be number six in the series, following the work-in-progress Wolf Hunting


“The Lady in Grey” in Emerald Magic is available from DAW books as of August 2004.


A recent interview with Jane Lindskold about the more technical side of writing is available on the Writer Buddy site.


A recent interview with Jane Lindskold is available on the Enchanted ArtWorks site.


ROMANTIC TIMES BOOK CLUB MAGAZINE for May 2004 contains both a Top Pick review for THE BURIED PYRAMID and a short column on Jane Lindskold’s work. Despite the name of the magazine, THE BURIED PYRAMID is not romance novel, but is covered in the magazines Science Fiction and Fanatasy column.


It’s official! The Wolf Series will extend to a fifth book. The working title is Wolf Hunting. It will follow this November’s release, Wolf Captured. No official release date is in place.

Also newly sold, two short stories. “Comes Forth” will appear in In the Shadow of Evil, edited by John Helfers and Martin H. Greenberg. “Seeking Gold” will appear in Maiden, Matron, Crone, edited by John Helfers and Kerrie Hughes. Both stories feature Andrasta, a new, hopefully continuing character. Both collections will be from DAW.


A sample chapter from The Buried Pyramid is now on the website, accessible from the Novels page.


Faerie Tales is the new title of the anthology in which the new athanor story, “Witches’-broom, Apple Soon” will appear. It’s coming out from DAW later this year. As mentioned in other places, it features Demetrios the faun and Shahrazad the coyote — and answers a few questions about where little fauns come from…


For the first time, I’m offering hard covers in my on-line Bookstore. Through Wolf’s Eyes is now available in the shop (hardcover only). Both Donnerjack and Lord Demon, the two novels I completed for Roger Zelazny, are also available. As with my other offerings, prices include shipping and handling. Autographing and personalization are free.


Take a look around. This website has had several changes. I’ve added some new features, including a recommended reading list and a link to an on-line discussion group. You can find these under the new topic heading “Neat Stuff.” The cover for my forthcoming novel The Buried Pyramid is also now on display on the Novels page.


Last week I received e-mail from a young lady who I believe may be the youngest fan of the Firekeeper and Blind Seer books. However, I accidentally permanently deleted her e-mal when clearing out files after a virus got into my computer. If you are this young lady (age eleven!) would you please write me again? If you know her, would you tell her about this message?

Thanks to all of you who have shared your thoughts about the books, and have offered me your guesses as to what may happen in WOLF CAPTURED. It’s lots of fun for me — especially since the book is now sitting on my editor’s shelf and I KNOW what’s going to happen…


Jane Lindskold was recently interviewed by Michael and Evo of The Dragon Page Radio show. The interview will air on Book Crazy Radio ( on 8/28/03. Other dates and times are listed on at the “Listen Live” page. The interview will also be available for download.


Raven the wolf ambassador for Candy Kitchen will be at Jane’s signing on 9/13
cover 8/13/03

A sample chapter from THE DRAGON OF DESPAIR is now on the website.


Erich Landstrom of Sci-Fi Overdrive Radio will be interviewing Jane Lindskold on July 22nd. For information on when the interview will be broadcast in your area go here.
cover 5/14/03:

WOLF’S HEAD, WOLF’S HEART will be out in paperback in August with a new cover. As with the previous covers, the art is by Julie Bell, but Firekeeper will look a whole lot more like she did on THROUGH WOLF’S EYES. The art also returns to the “iconic” style of the earlier book.

“Here to There,” a novellette about a very strange contest, has just sold to Brittany A. Koren and Martin H. Greenberg for YOU BET YOUR PLANET. The anthology will be published by DAW Books. “Here to There” features Captain “Allie” Ah Lee and her friend, the heroic insurance investigator, Spike, and their efforts to foil efforts to ruin a contest — a contest upon which the peace of civilized space may rest.

1/17/03: “The Lady in Grey” has just been sold to Andrew M. Greeley and Martin H. Greenberg for FANTASTIC IRISH STORIES, from Tor Books. “The Lady in Grey” tells the story of a spirit who haunted the Irish revolutionary, Maud Gonne.

12/31/02: “Witches’-broom, Apple Soon,” the first athanor story since the novel LEGENDS WALKING, will be appearing in FAERIE FANTASTIC, an anthology edited by Russell Davis and Martin H. Greenberg. The story features Shahrazad the coyote, Demetrios the faun, and several other athanor.

11/21/02: Jane recently had a photo session with a wolf named Raven. One of the resulting photos now graces the home page of this website. For more photos and Jane’s account of her encounter with Raven, visit Wolf Bits.

11/10/02: The short story “Final Exam,” the fourth of the Albuquerque Adept tales, is now available in the anthology APPRENTICE FANTASTIC from DAW books. “Final Exam” centers on Danny, the perpetual senior, and the dark secret that has haunted him since even before his birth.

Lindskold’s latest novel, THE BURIED PYRAMID, has been handed in to Tor. See FAQs for what she’s working on now.

9/10/02: Jane Lindskold will be signing at Barnes and Noble on the Levee in Cincinnati, Ohio on October 21st at noon. She will also be giving a reading at Northern Kentucky University on October 20th. Contact Andy Miller in the University English Department for more information.

8/13/02: August 25th through September 14th, Jane Lindskold will join Alex Krislov on Compuserv Literary Forum to discuss her new novel, Wolf’s Head, Wolf’s Heart, and whatever else comes up along the way. Join them and bring your questions!

8/2/02: The online bookshop is open! Now you can get Jane Lindskold’s out-of-print works directly from the author, including autographs and personalizations. Visit the Bookshop link on the menu at left.

5/31/02: Chapter 1 of Wolf’s Head, Wolf’s Heart is now online (see link on Novels page). When the paperback of Through Wolf’s Eyes appears in June, a portion of Chapter Two will be included as a teaser.

5/7/02: New informtion about “What I’m working on” under FAQS. Also, the release date on Wolf’s Head, Wolf’s Heart — the sequel to Through Wolf’s Eyes — has been changed from July 2002 to August 2002.

4/3/02: Jane Lindskold has sold “Keep the Dog Hence” to Alexander Potter for the anthology Sirius: the Dog Star. This is a very short, very dark piece that had its origin in a nightmare.

4/3/02: The manuscript for The Dragon of Despair was turned in to Jane’s editor at the end of March.

2/28/02: A new addition to this website is “Some thoughts on the biology of the Athanor,” a fascinating article by Kathleen L. Curran.

1/18/02: The release date on Wolf’s Head, Wolf’s Heart — the sequel to Through Wolf’s Eyes — has been changed from May 2002 to July 2002. Through Wolf’s Eyes is scheduled to be released in paperback in June 2002.

12/10/01: Three new anthologies feature short stories by Jane Lindskold.

Past Imperfect (October 2001) includes the story “Jeff’s Best Joke.”
Silicon Dreams (December 2001) includes the story “Lies of Omission.”
The Blue and the Gray Undercover (December 2001) includes the story “The Road to Stony Creek.”

11/6/01: Jane Lindskold has recently sold “Beneath the Eye of the Hawk” to Pharoah Fantastic, edited by Brittiany A. Koren and Martin H. Greenberg. This eleven thousand word piece details a search for a lost tomb of a forgotten pharaoh and provides an advance look at some of the characters who will appear in Lindskold’s as yet unwritten novel, The Buried Pyramid.