Welcome to the bookshop, which now lists ebooks and in-print titles as well as out-of-print books!

International orders should first query regarding postage rates.

Jane’s Bookstore

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Purchase books online, including rare and out-of-print titles, directly from Jane Lindskold. Signed and personalized copies available. Pay by Paypal (credit card) or check.


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Both Kindle (mobi) and Nook (epub) available.

Out-of-print books and books published by Obsidian Tiger Press may be purchased directly from Jane Lindskold, who will gladly autograph them free of charge. Many of the out-of-print books are first editions, first printing. Inquire if you are specifically interested in such.

All book prices include Media Mail shipping (slow but reliable). Additional details below the form.

International Orders: Please query for information on extra charges for shipping, since Media Mail is usually not available for international orders.

I’ve had a lot of requests for signed copies of some newer releases. I only offer out-of-print books and Obsidian Tiger Press books via this page. One of the favorite bookstores listed may be able to help you find other titles.

Questions may be directed to:

Please put something specific to my work, such as a book title, in your subject line. A simple “Hi” or “Thanks” or even “your books” is likely to get filtered by spam reduction programs, or overlooked by me.

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