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  • IBDOF Discussion Group  – Here’s a link to a site where you can meet others interested in discussing any and all of my works. I won’t be there, because I think people have more fun chatting when the author isn’t staring over their shoulders with the “right” answer to all questions. However, if discussion ever gets bottlenecked, remember you can e-mail me and get answers to your questions. I won’t reveal the future, but I might be able to resolve some quibbles.This isn’t an official site in any way, but I hope that people will treat other visitors with respect. It’s much more fun to chat than to argue!
  • Facebook  – Thanks to the efforts of a fan/friend, I now have a Facebook Author Page.Also, a few kind folks have let me know there is now a Jane Lindskold Fan Club on Facebook. It’s not official, and I don’t “ghost” there, but I think that’s all for the good. You can enjoy discussing works past, present, and future with like-minded readers, without feeling as if someone is looking over your shoulder.
  • Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary (formerly Candy Kitchen Rescue Ranch) – Despite my fondness for writing about characters like Shahrazad (the coyote in Changer and Legends Walking) and Blind Seer (the wolf in Through Wolf’s Eyes and its sequels), I don’t advocate keeping wolves or coyotes as pets. This website explains some of the reasons why — except in very special circumstances — wolves don’t make great pets. Even if you’re not interested in that particular issue, take a look. There are some marvelous pictures!
  • Bubonicon – Bubonicon may be one of the great unknown bargains of fandom. It’s a small convention that’s both affordable and friendly. Over the course of the weekend, it is usually attended by most of the New Mexico professionals, many of whom are the award-winning stars that other conventions long to attract. Given the recent discounts in airfares and hotel rates, you can probably attend Bubonicon for less than many conventions in the bigger cities. Then there’s the added incentive of the excuse to visit New Mexico, a state that prides itself in cowboys, Indians, and aliens, as well as loads of art, jewelry, and museums.
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) Articles on Writing
    These sites may help you with some of the nuts and bolts you will need to start writing professionally.