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With Angelique Fawns for Horror Tree, about being a full-time writer..


Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy host David Barr Kirtley asks interesting and searching questions in this interview.  The focus is on my two books: Curiosities (short fiction) and Wanderings on Writing.


Dave Gross interviewed me for his Creative Colleagues feature.  This one’s particularly fun because we talk about the interrelationship between RPG’s and writing.


New Books in Science Fiction and Fantasy interviewed me about Artemis Invaded and other things, including why I don’t think readers need to be lectured.  Look for the audio link at the bottom of the prose introduction.


The Goodreads Space Opera fan community interviewed me about Treecat Wars.  A few tidbits came out about the “Artemis Awakening” series, too!


Bestselling author (and super nice person), Darynda Jones, interviewed me, focusing in on my book,  Wanderings on Writing.


Author and publisher Emily Mah interviewed me about my non-fiction book on writing Wanderings on Writing, as well as a bunch of other things,including how my life as an English Professor influences my current life as a writer.

Nebula Award-winning author Jack McDevitt took the time to interview me here.

I recently did a long video interview with Josh Gentry of Snack Reads. We cover a lot more than my two stories that Snack Reads has published. (You can find both “Hamlet Revisited” and “Servant of Death” at Hope you’ll take time to tune in…

Black Gate magazine has just posted a podcast of an interview I did with Emily Mah this past July. We talk about past events, present projects, and a bunch of other things. You can access the interview at Black Gate. If you’re interested in some of the background for the interview, you might also enjoy checking out my Wednesday Wandering for 9-19-2012.

Here’s another interview, this one more focused on writing.

Here’s an interview dealing with a central aspect of my life I don’t talk about much: my long-time addiction to role playing games.

An interview with some odd twists is up at SleepCompass.

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