About Through Wolf’s Eyes

Through Wolf’s Eyes
First book in the Firekeeper Saga

Cover art by Julie Bell

Tor Hardcover, 2001

Wolves have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book has long been one of my favorite books. When I decided to write an “imaginary world” fantasy novel, I decided to build it around both wolves and the motif of the feral child. Then I asked myself, “But why would my feral child encounter humans at all?” The answer came in the form of a complex plot having to do with succession to the highly contested throne of a small, embattled kingdom.

The book is called Through Wolf’s Eyes because one of the main point of view characters is Firekeeper. Firekeeper is human in form, but a wolf in her thoughts. Along with one of her pack members, Blind Seer, Firekeeper lets the humans take her back to the lands they hold. There she finds that human political manipulation is perfectly familiar — but much else is not.

All the books in the Firekeeper series are written in what I call a “folding-fan structure.” The novels start with ostensible simplicity, but as the fan folds out, more points of view are added, and the web of intrigue becomes more complex — and for me, more satisfying.