About When The Gods Are Silent

When The Gods Are Silent


AvoNova, June 1997

Cover art by Gary Riddell

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Only a few generations ago, magic was as much a part of people’s daily lives as wagon wheels, roof shingles, and oat porridge. Then all in a day, it vanished. Even the gods no longer answered their worshippers. Now, for mysterious reasons of his own, old farmer Hulhc, a wizard’s son, is determined to find where the magic went — and to do his best to bring it back. In an effort to achieve his dream, Hulhc hires the swordswoman Rabble and her associates in the Travelling Spectacular. Together they look for Hulhc’s answers — and find more than he ever desired.

Author’s Note: I wrote this book at a time in my life when I desperately needed heroes. However, being who I am, I couldn’t write a straight sword and sorcery tale. Yet, despite the fact that the Travelling Spectacular is a circus rather than the usual fellowship, in the end, I found the heroes I sought.