Wolf’s Search

Wolf’s Search, the seventh book in the Firekeeper Saga, is now available as both e-book and trade paperback.

You can acquire the ebook at the following on-line retailers: Amazon; Barnes and Noble (Nook); Kobo; Google Play, and iTunes. The trade paperback is also available at Amazon.

Want to know what Wolf’s Search is about? The best spoiler-free option I can offer you is the cover blurb:

Transformative Journey

Blind Seer has run at Firekeeper’s side since the wolf-woman first crossed the Iron Mountains into human-held lands. Now it’s her turn to run alongside the blue-eyed wolf as he sets out in search of someone who can teach him how to use his magical gift—on his own unique terms.

The pair’s search will take them to the far side of the world in the company of allies who include a young woman scarred by war, a falcon who believes himself a traitor, and an old friend… or possibly enemy. Together they will fight battles from before they were born, climb mountains, cross badlands, eventually unveiling a threat that will reshape not only Blind Seer, but his belief in what he most desires.

Important note! Wolf’s Search begins about six months after Wolf’s Blood. However, it is not necessary to read the previous six books to follow the events in this one. Readers new to the series will, of course, experience some spoilers, but Wolf’s Search does not require detailed knowledge of prior events in order to enjoy the story. In other words: No Homework Necessary!

Wolf’s Search’s cover art is by Julie Bell. You can purchase a print of her original art here. Her “Andre” doesn’t have Blind Seer’s blue eyes, but is still gorgeous.

As of this moment, Wolf’s Search will not be available in most bookstores. Eventually, I will have copies of the trade paperback available directly from me, but I’m not set up for retail by mail of this title at this time. On the other hand, you can still get hardcover copies of most of the earlier books in the series through my website bookshop.

If you’d like a little backstory about why the publishing format of Wolf’s Search differs in some ways from the earlier books in the series, you might want to read this post I wrote back in January.

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