Wolf’s Search and Wolf’s Soul

Wolf's Search

Wolf’s Search

Wolf’s Search, the seventh book in the Firekeeper Saga, is now available as both e-book and trade paperback. You can acquire the ebook at the following on-line retailers: Amazon; Barnes and Noble (Nook); Kobo; Google Play, and iTunes. The trade paperback is also available at Amazon.

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Wolf's Soul

Wolf’s Soul

Wolf’s Soul, the eighth book in the Firekeeper Saga, is now available from the following on-line booksellers: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, i-Tunes, and Kobo. For those of you who prefer physical books, Wolf’s Soul is available as a trade paperback from Amazon. The cover art is based on Julie Bell’s wonderful piece, “Three Hungry Wolves,” which you can acquire as a print from her website.

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I also sell copies (signed and personalized if you wish) of the physical book through my website bookshop.

Wolf’s Search and Wolf’s Soul will be the final Firekeeper Saga books for some time to come, so there’s no reason to wait. Join Firekeeper and Blind Seer, as they encounter lands familiar and unfamiliar, hot on the trail of that which may make their oldest dream come true.